IEMT Training Structure

This extraordinary training course is divided into two halves. On day one participants discover how to use the eye movements in conjunction with the IEMT algorithms to address emotional imprints, and on day two, we explore issues relating to identity and ways of being.

Practitioner Level - Creating Change
Part 1. Emotional Engineering – Depotentiating Imprints of Emotion with IEMT

  • Introduction to the IEMT Structure
  • Eye Movement and 3d Accessing Cues
  • Introductory Exercise and Calibration of Representational Change
  • Introduction to the IEMT K-Protocol and Imprint Tracking
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Time Coding
  • Development of the IEMT K-Protocol

Part 2. Identity Re-imprinting – Updating Our Way of Being with IEMT

  • Introduction to Structure of Identity
  • Four Pronoun References – I, Me, Self, You
  • Other Identity Markers
  • The IEMT Identity Pattern (Simple form)
  • The IEMT Identity Pattern (Complex Form)
  • Physiological State Accessing Cues
  • Changing Unconscious State Accessing
  • Changing The Negative Kino-Somatic Imprint


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