Dunblane Survivor


I have seen Carl for IEMT on three occasions and had one session of OldPain2Go having had depression, anxiety and health issues related to emotional trauma for over 20 years. 


I was a child at Dunblane Primary School on the day the shooting took place in 1996 and from that day my life has been a turbulent ride of emotions, my personality changed immediately, I was riddled with fear in almost every situation, suffered with PTSD and was eventually diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. To the outside world I appeared high functioning and many who have known me would not have had the slightest clue that I was suffering so deeply. Numerous suicide attempts, episodes of self harm and a multitude of emotionally abusive relationships and further trauma finally came to a head in 2016, and I snapped, unable to function any further. 


I have accessed numerous therapy sessions, taken a variety of antidepressants, had medication for pain coming out of my ears, researched what feels like a million ways to heal your own life and mind, practiced daily meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, gratitude journals,  but never actually felt better long term. Then I discovered Carl and the phenomenal practice of IEMT.


Following my first session, I was amazed at the sense of calm and stillness within, things that once felt like such a big deal no longer did. Situations that would previously have had me entering an absolute melt down, hurting myself and being completely out of control emotionally suddenly seemed like nothing to me, they were just part of normal life. Two further sessions and I can honestly say I am a completely different person, my mind is now calm and rational, not a constant whirl of negative thoughts and heightened emotion, I am able to look at situations that arise in my life objectively and analyse them for what they truly are, not through the fog of childhood and continued trauma. One single session of OldPain2Go and I am blown away that I am actually completely pain free, for the first time that I can remember! My whole world has done a complete 360 and is truly thriving in every area thanks to this amazing healing modality.


I have no idea whatsoever how IEMT works, but it does, better than anything I could have begun to imagine. Never in a million years could I have dreamed of being where I am today and I will be eternally grateful to Carl for the work that he does. Not only that, he is the most warm, genuine, down to earth therapist I have ever known. He is so relatable in every way, far from your average in the sector, and not someone you would ever imagine changing people's lives in the way he does, but my god this man deserves such recognition for his work. 


I have and will continue to recommend IEMT for anyone struggling with any aspect of their life, especially those that have difficulty in discussing or rationalising what they have experienced. A number of people close to me have also attended sessions with Carl and are as amazed by the results as I am. 


There are not enough words in this world to express the gratitude I feel for discovering this amazing man and the work he does! Thank you Carl, I truly do owe my life to you.

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