Carl Jackson

Lincoln UK

Advanced IEMT Practitioner & Certified Trainer                

I am Lincolnshire's only Advanced IEMT Practitioner and Trainer.

I work with many clients presenting countless problematic emotion and behavioural issues. These can range from mild phobias to extreme psychological trauma such as PTSD. I seem to have built quite a reputation locally and tend to see the more serious problems people are dealing with including rape, historical child abuse, and have  been appointed by local charity organisation who support Armed forces Veterans with PTSD, anger issues, depression and associated mental health problems. I am often told by my clients that I am their last resort, having been through the mental health system, some for as long as 50 years with little or no improvement.

Graduating from the school of hard knocks and 32 years in the building industry have given me the type of people skills rarely seen in your typical "Therapist". My clients seem to appreciate the "What you see is what you get" attitude I have. This mixed together with the type of humour only seen on building sites and a genuine compassion for others, make for a very interesting and productive change work session.

I have learnt many techniques over the last 10 years, and am constantly studying to be the best practitioner I can be. Having said that, I am constantly amazed at the speed I can get results using IEMT, which is incredible as I have worked with many clients just using this technique!  Because of this, I rarely use anything else.

I am now a member of a very small group, certified to train would be practitioners in one of the most effective change therapies of our time, a committee member of The Association for IEMT practitioners and complaints officer for the Association.  Thanks to Andrew T Austin for his work developing the incredible technique that is IEMT.

I would strongly recommend anyone who works as a private therapist, change worker or coach, learn this technique!

It will change the way you do therapy forever...

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