Carl Jackson

Lincoln UK

Advanced IEMT Practitioner & Approved Trainer                

I am the East Midlands only Approved IEMT Trainer.    

I was the first IEMT practitioner in Lincolnshire after training in this incredible modality in 2012.    In 2013 I became one of 4 approved trainers in the UK, we now have 9, although only 2 of us, hold live, in the room training.                                                                                                                                                                            

Graduating from the school of hard knocks and 34 years in the building industry have given me a very unique way of working in my practice as a brief therapies practitioner, and also in the training room. The developer of IEMT, Andrew T Austin once said, "always be yourself". That really stuck with me and after 8 years of teaching IEMT, I have developed a style of training that has been described by many as "The Carl Jackson experience". I'm taking that as a compliment!

I have learnt many techniques over the last 13 years, and am constantly studying to be the best practitioner I can be. However, having said that, I am yet to find anything quite like IEMT.

I am a member of a very small group, approved to train would be practitioners in one of the most effective change therapies of our time, a committee member of The Association for IEMT practitioners and complaints officer for the Association.  Thanks to Andrew T Austin for his work developing the incredible technique that is IEMT.

I would strongly recommend anyone who works as a private therapist, change worker or coach, learn this technique!

It will change the way you do therapy forever...


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