Here I have included some of my Client testimonials as an illustration as to how effective the IEMT model is.....

"I had Integral Eye Movement therapy with Carl a few months ago, to start with I was very sceptical as I am a qualified counsellor, so for me, as a rule it's not really ethical but I wanted to at least try it and keep an open mind.

When I was Sixteen I was raped by a friend, this left me traumatised, I felt so ashamed, embarrassed and thought that it was something that I must have done, did I encourage him in some way? even though I said no!

Four years later I met the Father of my Daughter, he supported me and made me feel safe and secure, but slowly over time he emotionally broke me down and one night he poured a bottle of whisky down my throat and raped me, the one man that had made me feel better about myself, destroyed me as a person that night, it reinpounded everything all over again and no-one could convince me that it wasn't something that I was doing something to let it happen not once but twice.

Eighteen years on and I still have all these emotions, it has had a massive impact on my life and I'm still single, I've suffered with severe depression over the years, I've spent days in bed just wanting to shut the world out and on occasions I've spent more days in my pyjamas than in day clothes, I've pushed men away, when I felt that they were getting to close.

So how is 15 minutes of concentrating and watching Carl's finger going to change something that I've been carrying for 22 years, and that by no means was trying to belittle all the training that Carl has done, but that's how I felt in my head at the time, but also carrying all of the feelings of shame, I also felt a lot of anger towards my daughters Father, because I trusted him and I thought that if I always felt like that towards him, I would never forget what he had done.

I had my session with Carl which I got very emotional about, you don't have to tell him anything because this is done on your feelings and emotions, but I did tell him because I wanted him to know why I was such a emotional puddle on the floor, when Carl had finished I had to reflect and remember, I really had to think about it, it was like a distant memory, the only way I could describe it was almost as if it had happened to someone else, but there was no emotion at all, I felt quite drained after because I had brought all of my feelings and emotions to the for, by reliving the memory, over the next few days I kept trying to remember how it felt, but again I still felt detached.

I'm now a few months down the line and I have to say I thought my feelings would return, but I'm so pleased to say that they haven't and I can now talk about it, like I would if I was having an everyday conversation, and more recently I've had to have contact with my Daughters Father, which has always resulted in me getting very angry and emotional after the phone calls, but now there's nothing. I scan still remember everything that he did to me, it's just a distant memory.

I'm so grateful to Carl, because I no longer have the weight of it all around my neck, plus I really do feel that I'm now ready to let someone into my life and finally I can put the past where it belongs, Integral Eye Movement Therapy is without a shadow of a doubt the way forward. Thanks Carl..... Z, Lincoln

I'd like to thank Carl for his help and support with the therapy during a very bad time in my life. He was aware that I had been abused as a child and for many years did not speak out, but with his help and support I got through the trial in court, which led to my abuser getting a 6 year prison sentence. Thanks again carl.... Kerrie Smith, Lincoln

Oliver ward of Lincoln had been out of the Army for 9 years when he saw me for Post traumatic stress disorder, This is his testimonial...                                                                                                 "I'd been through a lot before, during and after my discharge from the Grenadier Guards. And if it wasn't for Carl, I still wouldn't know that my problems started in my childhood. I was literally at the bottom of my life when it was suggested that i try what at the time seemed a strange therapy- following a finger with your eyes.                                                                                                             The first session was very emotional on many levels, making me cry and getting it all out in the open. But I felt Carl was taking out all the negativity and fixing me like a puzzle. Its helped with my anger, anxiety, stress, nightmares, flashbacks and emotions. Now its even changed my lifestyle-because I'm now working steadily after losing umpteen jobs through my troubles. So I think if it can work for me, it can work for so many other people".

I have seen subconsciouschange on the internet, and was very drawn to it the more i read. You see i have suffered with depression for many years which is sort of under control... My main problem was my anxiety i was suffering with as many things had happened over the last few years i didnt know what was happening to me just before christmas. Every morning i dreaded waking up as i knew what the day would bring and there was nothing i could do. I would wake up in a panic and it would last on and off all day. After reading alot about how it works and how it has helped so many people i thought i have to give it a go i cant carry on the way i was and the tablets the doctor gave me wasnt working at all. I contacted Carl and explained what i was going through and made an appointment to see him. Carl was so friendly and i was so relaxed with him straight away even though my anxiety was bad. We first went through everything and found myself totally opening up to him. After about 2 hours i felt not as panicky and the anxiety was still there but not as severe as it was when i came to him. When i left i thought this hasnt worked Its not gone what do i do now. Carl kept checking on me and after about a week i started to notice the mornings were getting easier, about a week later i was back to the old me like a cloud had been lifted off me, my heart didnt race when i woke and i didnt have any feelings of panic i couldnt believe it, Its like they say dont knock it till you try it. How its works i dont know, but it has changed my life. I cant thank Carl enough for helping me, i never thought my anxiety would go and that i would have to live with it for ever. My life is so much better and my family are happier that the old me is back, even my children have noticed how i have changed a lot more calmer. I would say to anyone suffering in life go and see Carl he can change your life you dont have to suffer. Thank You Carl..........
Mrs Woodstock from Lincoln

I went to see Carl, after I had suffered from Health Anxiety for around 2 years. I was nervous about going to see Carl as I didn't no what to expect and I didn't want to sound silly explaining all the things that I have been worrying about. He made me feel at ease, and totally relaxed I didn't feel silly at all telling him what I had been worrying about. I spent an hour and a half with Carl, and after we were finished I felt a lot different within myself totally relaxed and like my mind had been cleared of all the things I worried about. I 100% recommend anyone to go to Carl as he is fantastic and really good at what he does. I feel a huge difference and I only had one session.
Thanks again Carl for understanding and helping me with my anxiety.
Sophie Griffin from Lincoln

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