"Having seen the amazing results of Carl’s work on clients and friends I wanted to explore IEMT further, in the first instance so that I could confidently recommend further clients to him and secondly to perhaps use the therapy myself. The two day course was engaging from the beginning, meeting Carl and learning from his experience of Integral Eye Movement Therapy without reliance on a Powerpoint presentation was refreshing. The workshop is relaxed and friendly with an emphasis on understanding and experiencing what IEMT can offer from a man who is clearly passionate about the therapy which comes across from the moment you meet him.
Having felt the impact on me of IEMT during the workshop, I was further inspired to add this form of therapy to my tool box to help me with my clients and as a referral to Carl where I feel his experience is more appropriate.
Carl has continued to be supportive for me in my journey of gaining the experience I need which is so important and reassuring. For anyone who is interested in learning a new intervention that is easy to use, non invasive, quick and extremely beneficial, I would not hesitate in recommending Carl’s workshop on IEMT.

Sandy Howard, Counsellor, Lincoln "

"Didn't know quite what to expect, but Carls relaxed approach mixed with his wealth of experience working in the field as a private practitioner made it a very informative and comprehensive training course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to put everything I've learned into practice"... Carlo (COPE)

A very enjoyable time packed with lots of information. In a very relaxed atmosphere. The techniques were explained and demonstrated very clearly. Carl made sure every member of the group fully understood each part before moving on to the next, making learning not rushed....Lee

I recently attended the IEMT Practitioner training course provided by Carl. As a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, I have attended numerous courses over the years, some excellent and sadly some not.
However this course was fantastic, the content was extremely interesting and Carl's way of delivering made it accessible for all. Carl made it fun and very easy to understand, he certainly knows his stuff and provided clear answers to any questions that were raised.
As a therapist who has facilitated change work for the last 12 years, I was looking for something different a new skill to help clients quickly and effectively and I certainly think I have found that in IEMT.                            Debi Dawson  (ChangingStatus)

I attended Carls recent course, I am more than happy to write this testimonial about Carls ability to instruct what is a very interesting, highly informative training course. Carl has a very laid back approach to teaching IEMT which makes for a very enjoyable course, it is taught in a way that you want to learn more when it is finished. Having been a PTSD sufferer in my past, Carl made the explanation of what I suffered so simple and how to recover from it very easy to understand. I qualified as an IEMT practitioner thanks to his instructional techniques and now can help others who are suffering what I have. I commend this course to anyone who wants to make a difference using this exciting form of therapy. Thanks Carl...
Dave Cash
(Hilt Disability Foundation Lincs)

Training testimonial from Adrian Boyle (HDLF) who took the practitioner training in March 2014 and has been using to great effect ever since.....
Carl's training was absolutely top-notch...expertly presented, in a way that was understandable to all attendees...eye-opening stuff (quite literally!). I'd hoped to save some "stress" for Day 2, but unfortunately, I couldn't recall what it was, or rather, I couldn't recall why I'd found it stressful in the first place . What's more, Carl's post-training support has been nothing less than superb; always happy to answer questions (of which I've had many), make suggestions and help me to improve. In a nutshell, the best £### I've ever spent. Highly recommended.

Denise Benetello
Amazing weekend with Subconsciouschange Lincoln. Carl Jackson is an amazing practitioner and a truly inspirational trainer. Would recommend IEMT to anyone. One of the best training courses I have ever been on. Well worth a weekend! I am quite certain this will change my life. Thank you so much