Here I have included some of my Client testimonials as an illustration as to how effective the IEMT model is.....

"I have suffered for years with anxiety and while I could manage this in my day to day life, travelling anywhere became a major issue to the point where I dreaded holidays or anytime away from home. Flying was a particular nightmare! I was unable to sleep in the weeks leading up to the flight, an absolute mess the night before and catatonic In the airport. I needed diazepam just to get on to the plane and then became hysterical on take off!

Carl came to see me in the comfort of my own home. He put me at ease straight away and after a chat we began the treatment. In a very short while my anxiety levels had decreased. Just thinking about flying made my palms sweaty and my stomach turn, however after less than an hour with Carl these physical symptoms had disappeared.

I saw Carl in March of this year (2012), and in April I flew for 7 hours to Boston, USA. I actually enjoyed my flight! The difference this treatment has made to my life is incredible. I am much more relaxed about everything and instead of dreading holidays I am busy planning a family trip to Australia.

This treatment is quick, painless and extremely effective and I would recommend Carl to anyone!    J.E Lincoln

Mike Martin is the Chief Administrator of The Shine network which helps people from Lincoln with mental health issues. This is his testimonial.........                                                                                     I have lived with Depression for a long time now and also have to balance this with physical health problems such as sleep apnea and diabetes.
In June 2013 I was offered a free session of IEM Therapy and I hoped that some change would occur.
Carl, the therapist, came to my home and spent two hours chatting about me and what I hoped to achieve out of the session. At various points throughout the session I then experienced the eye movement therapy which differed greatly from any previous therapies I have experienced in that I did not have to disclose any deeply personal experiences, just think about how they made me feel whilst undergoing the therapy. This was important to me and made me feel at ease as I find it difficult to verbalise my thoughts.
Before the end of the session I felt less stressed and more relaxed. Over the next few days I noticed a big change in the way I was thinking, I was engaging my brain before opening my mouth. Friends, family and colleagues weren’t stressing me out as much as they had been and I was thinking a lot more about what I was doing. The biggest change I noticed was a difference in the way I felt about a traumatic event that had happened eighteen months ago. I can now look back and accept those events without an overwhelming feeling of regret and thoughts of what might have happened. This has allowed me to move forward with my life and make plans for the future.

I went to see Carl after one of my friends had been to see him and I had seen how much he had seemed to of changed their lives , I must admit my 1st thoughts were not very positive , I mean come on ??? how can waving a finger about in front of a persons eyes change their lives ? Me of all people ,You're having a laugh .
But then I thought about it, What did I have to lose after suffering years and years of panic attacks .We are not talking just the odd one here and there but multiple ones daily often back to back attacks .And it was not like I had not tried just about every thing possible . I had spent hours upon hours trawling the internet reading forums in hope of finding that miracle cure just to be disappointed time and time again .
So I bit the bullet and gave him a call I really had nothing to lose .The session went ok and I did feel better than I had with other things I had tried in the past .But did not feel completely free of my attacks so I felt a bit deflated that this is how life was just going to be .
What made Carl stand out from the other things I'd tried in the past was his regular contact afterwards to see how I was and his genuine concern . After chatting to him although I did feel a bit better he seemed disappointed with my progress and asked if I would like to have another session as it seemed we had only just scratched the surface and he felt he could do more .
I agreed to a second session as Carl seemed so positive and I'm really glad I did as the second session threw up things I'd totally put to the back of my mind that turned out to be the root of my attacks . I'm now feeling positive with my ongoing progress and feel like I have a knew lease of life thanks to Carl .
lee from lincoln

I have just had an IEMT session with Carl and he has helped me realise why I have always pushed people away all my life, always keeping friends and family at arms length, ending relationships quickly before they got too close thinking that they would have the power to hurt me. And if they didn't match up to my expectations I would be unforgiving and freeze them out. Stemming from when I was a 5 year old and was bullied and left out and something inside me screamed, 'Its best to be on my own'. It has impacted every relationship I have had, even with my daughter I have noticed the same pattern emerging if she misbehaves a part of me shuts her out. Carl helped me to identify this and now I have the awareness I can change it and let people become closer and lean on other people more. I am not an island and I realise that now! Thank you Carl :-)                   Lucie from Lincoln

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